The LWP Law Firm was established in 2019 but has been a dream and vision for many years. With the hard work and support of loved ones we are happy and excited to offer our services to the community. 


This is our life's work 

Law W. McMeans

Law understands the challenges involved in balancing family and work while planning for the future.

He will apply the same dedication to your legal situation as he brings to his own family.



At LWP Law, PLLC the clients needs comes first. This very principle is what the firms philosophy is based upon. We own responsibility for our efforts and work and push clients to own their responsibilities. Through these efforts and this philosophy our clients goals are achieved. Our commitment to communication, quality legal service and cost effective billing practice is what sets LWP Law, PLLC apart in its service, representation and results. 

Client Centered - Ownership - Service Excellence - Legacy 


There are a lot of other attorneys who do what we do. They share the same what and how, but we work hard for our why and our who

A Personal Touch

A few fun things you may not know!


Born and Raised in Ada

Avid Sports Fan

Byng Alumni

Law being hooded by his grandfather at OCU graduation 2015
Celebrating his grandfather's accomplishment of serving 50 years in the Legal Profession!

What is in a name?

Many often question whether my name is in fact Law and the history behind it.

The answer is yes, that is my real name!

You see, my grandfather was a practicing attorney in the area and my name, Law Watson Pryor (LWP), is in his honor. Growing up watching him practice instilled in me a passion for the legal field and a drive to help others. I knew from an early age that this was what I wanted to do and am proud to be able to carry on the legacy.